Our Ministries

This ministry is designed to support families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  The ministry serves as a liaison between the church and the bereaved family.  Among the services provided are: planning the service program, consoling and praying with the family, contacting other ministries and units of the church that are involved in the service preparation.

The Brotherhood is composed of the men of the church.  It is designed to foster a close relationship between the brothers of the church through bible study, fellowship and ministry.

This ministry is designed with a teaching emphasis.  It is designed to give structure and guidance to those who are a part of or wish to be apart of the teaching ministry. This ministry also oversees the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs at Antioch.

This ministry provides culinary delights which enhance fellowship.  This ministry when called upon provides meals to the elderly and those passing by in need.  This ministry is in need of persons who love the Lord and don't mind working hard

This ministry is composed of men who have been set apart for the purpose of ministering to those who are in need. These men aid the pastor in caring for the congregation at large.

This ministry is composed of spiritual women who have been trained to aid the deacons in the performance of their ministry.

This ministry is made up of senior members (65+) of the church and affords them a unique fellowship experience of their very own.

This ministry is designed to make aware our health consciousness  as well as our spiritual consciousness.    It focuses on maintaining good health through general information and maintenance of the body.

This ministry is made up of members of the church who are especially interested in outreach ministry. This ministry is designed to provide a hands on opportunity to holistically minister to the needs among and around us.

This ministry is designed to recognize and affirm the importance of multimedia and computer technologies within Antioch.  Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Christ (AMBC) has created its own website at www.antiochhouston.org.  The website will share information about AMBC with the world and provide an electronic communication source to the Church congregation.

This ministry also provides the church with audio recordings of worship services.

This ministry is composed of spiritually mature men and women of the church who aid the pastor in administrating the fiscal affairs of the church. These persons are elected by the church and serve a three year term.

This ministry is designed to enhance the worship experience by providing an orderly entrance, seating and exit of the sanctuary during worship.  This ministry is open to members of the church who are willing to serve for the glory of God.  The Usher Ministry is composed of three components:

  1. The Antioch Adult Ushers
    • a mixed adult group
    • a women's group
    • a men's group
  2. The Antioch Youth Ushers
  3. The Antioch Greeters

The Widow's Ministry is design to minister to widows primarily of Antioch but not exclusively.  This ministry seeks to provide an opportunity for widows can strength through fellowship and a sundry of activities.

This ministry is composed of the women of the church and is designed to foster sisterhood through devotional lessons, ministry and fellowship.

It is the mission of the Antioch Women's Ministry to be dedicated Christian women, committed to service, shaping the lives of women and girls for Christ. Our goal is to enhance the spiritual growth and development of the women and girls of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church and the community through the application of Biblical principles and the creation of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. This goal will be achieved through Christian education workshops, interactive fellowships, training, lesson study, mentoring, outreach, prayer and worship.

This ministry consists of four circles and Girls in Action. Women are placed as circle members based on their birth month, but are free to serve wherever they feel the Lord leads them.

Emma Powell Circle -- January/May/September

Nannie Burroughs Circle -- February/June/October

Mariah Sharkie Circle -- March/July/November

Priscilla Circle  -- April/August/December

Girls In Action -- All girls age 5 -18

This ministry consists of young adult men and women who gather together to study the Word of God, perform outreach ministry and nurture their relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ .

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